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Vigan City Fiesta

The provincial capital's premier festival, experience how the past beautifully blends with the present.

The Vigan City Fiesta is held every January 25. It is celebrated during the feast day of the conversion of St. Paul the Apostle. St. Paul is Vigan City’s patron saint.The Vigan City Fiesta usually lasts for several days. It includes within the period the celebration of the anniversary of the cityhood of Vigan, which is commemorated every January 27.

Biguenos from all over the country and even abroad return to Vigan, as it is the custom of Filipinos to return to their hometown to join their family and friends in the celebration of their fiesta. They are joined by thousands of visitors from other parts of the Philippines and other countries in enjoying the cultural shows, parades and street dancing prepared by the local government with the help of the local industries and communities. There are also food fairs, arts and crafts exhibits, as well as a visiting carnival.


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