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About Kannawidan Festival

A showcase of Culture and Tradition

A festival in the Province of Ilocos Sur commemorating the separation of the two Ylocos provinces in 1818. This festival is a showcase of indigenous performances, religious rituals, as well cooking demos featuring the best of Ilocano dishes.

The Province of Ilocos Sur is where the Ilocos Region’s myriad of cultures and histories converge… To become a living museum of spiritual past.

A national shrine, a national landmark, a national museum. World Heritage Sites.

Spanish ancestral houses, cobblestone streets, pristine beaches – they all share space in the timeless land of Ilocos Sur.

The Province’s main attraction is not only it’s nature but also its unique culture, preserved and made alive through its Sino-Hispanic influenced arts and crafts.

Ilocos Sur prides itself with its centuries old, exquisitely designed handcrafted products – earthen wares, earthen jars, handwoven house decorations, 17th century inspired wooden furniture, native handicrafts and its delectable mix of Spanish-Mexican-Chinese inspired cuisine.

Visit the land of the brave heroes and experience Ilocos Sur’s rich heritage and crafts…

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